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Wishlist: Default Library Preference

I know that we now have the Startup Items folder, but to be honest I spend much more of my time clicking on the already-running EF and expecting something to pop up than I do starting the app from scratch. So I had an idea:

What if a user were allowed to designate one ‘default library’ in Preferences (if they wanted to), which would be invoked for all library-specific functions if no other library is currently open?

For instance, if there is a default library selected, it will be opened when the dock icon is clicked and no other library is open. If there is a default library selected, it will be automatically opened when the capture button is pressed and no other library is open (if there is no default library, then the current dialogue will show up).

That sounds like a good idea. I’ve received a bunch of requests along these lines.

Hate to be a nudge, but—any progress on this particular request? I’m a compulsive window-closer—I feel like OS X really encourages this behavior—and if my library of choice opened up when I clicked EF’s dock icon (and there was nothing else already open), I think my life would be pretty much complete.

It’s still on the list, and I hope to get to it soon, but other issues like bug fixes and working on performance have had higher priority thus far.