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With Lion, messages marked Spam stay in inbox

Since upgrading to OS Lion, my inbox is filled with Spam
I installed SpamSieve and now my messages are marked as SPAM, but they remain in the INBOX. I created the SPAM folder under the On My Mac, but SPAM still remains in the INBOX.

Thanks for your help


The mailbox should be called “Spam”, not “SPAM”. Please make sure that you’ve created the SpamSieve rule in Mail as shown here (it should have the “Spam” mailbox selected in the action) and that it’s at the top of the list.

Messages stay in Inbox
Thanks for your reply.

I have done the following

  1. removed all my rules
  2. Created a SpamSieve Rule as per the manual. unchecked Junk Mail in preference
  3. made sure Spam folder is not written as SPAM yet Spam
  4. deleted any Junk mail.

But I still get Spam in my Inbox

I attached a screen shot.


That’s not your inbox. It’s a smart mailbox that shows unread messages, including unread messages that are in the Spam mailbox. You can see just below the blue dates that these messages are all either in the “Spam” or “Bulk Mail” mailboxes.

Excellent- Never considered that.