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With Spark?

Any way to work with Spark?
I just installed Spark but I do not find the script or way to work with SpamSieve.
Any way to install the script?

Not currently. The supported mail programs are listed here.

There is no script because Spark does not support AppleScript (or plug-ins).

Another request.
Hi I too have started using Spark and much prefer it to Apple Mail. Would love to see a plug in for Spark


Working with Spark
Will you be working towards making SpamSieve work with Spark in the near future? I too am switching to Spark. I found too many problems with Apple Mail.

I would like to get SpamSieve and Spark working together. This will require cooperation from Readdle. They have said that they are interested in integrating with SpamSieve, and I’ve offered to work with them. I don’t know what priority they’ve assigned it.

I too am interested in Spark support however I have found and setup a SpamSieve Drone using Apple mail and I am very happy with it. It does require an always on machine but it is a worth while setup, for those who are interested:


I have a MacMini setup with AppleMail and a drone setup on that machine.

If I leave the above in place and install Spark on a MacBook, can I do remote training easily using Spark?

Yep, the drone setup creates two folders for training, train good / train spam. You drag your emails into the folder that matches and the next time it runs it checks those folders and trains itself. Works with any client as long as you’ve installed the drone on a machine with a supported email client.

Any update on using SS with Spark? Can’t find any comments more recent than March 2018, that’s now over a year ago.
Thx -

A while ago (over a year) they asked me for information about how to integrate with SpamSieve, which I sent, but I haven’t heard anything since. They’ve made some recent tweets saying that it is on their roadmap.

Here’s hoping they step on the gas - Thanks Michael.

please, push it forward. since 1 year no updates. give a run to start it.

Update after 1 year: Still hope to see SpamSieve on Spark