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Won't catch this spam

I keep getting emails very similar to this one:

***JUNK MAIL*** Re: Confirm tag heu3r 0rder 599884

from a name that has an email in my domain name (legit name) but different real name than anyone on our server.

THe text always is a variant of this:

We have brand new models of those w4tches from 2008:

  • r0lex
  • cart1er
  • ch0pard
  • iWC
  • hubl0t
  • bre1tling
  • patek phil1ppe
  • tag heu3r
    and much more. Average price of those quality w4tches is $229.
    15% off only in November. V1sit us n0w at: http://www.oiskkije.com/**

No matter how many times I tell Spamsieve this is junk, I still get it and similar ones. My mac os x server mail server inserts the “JUNK MAIL” in the subject line. If I put a blocklist rule in to catch this, Spamsieve doesn’t catch it.

What can I do about this?


Please check SpamSieve’s log to see whether SpamSieve’s predicting this message to be good and, if so, why. Based on what you’ve said so far, my guess is that either there’s a setup problem or the sender is in your address book and you’ve told SpamSieve that such messages are never spam.