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won't train messages

I’m using SS 2.8.1. It frequently sends mail to spam and will not accept “train as good”. The message bounces right back into the spam folder. I have checked the blocklist and made sure the included words are not there and added the subject to the whitelist ad the the message returns to the spam folder. It happens to personal friends as well as messages from apple.com and my bank

Have you checked the log to see whether SpamSieve is predicting these messages to be spam? Based on what you’ve written, it sounds to me like the problem is unrelated—perhaps your mail server is doing this.

didn’t know that…
Thanks for the quick reply, I didn’t know the server’s spam program should be off. Your reply to my email with the reading of the log file indicated you were right. I shut off the server side spam search and fine tunes SS and I have more control.

Yeah, it’s not a requirement to turn off the server-side spam filter, but it certainly makes it easier to see what’s going on. And it’s a bit safer because, e.g., SpamSieve knows about your address book.