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Word documents' preview not working

I have a word document that opens fine in Pages. Pages is the default viewer for .doc files. On importing the doc file, I can see the correct preview in the notification center icon (“importing finished”). Though in EagleFiler itself, when I single clock on the document, I get to see the bare contents of the file.

I’m on version 1.6.7, which should be the latest.

What do you get if you open it with TextEdit or using EagleFiler’s Record > Quick Look command? EagleFiler’s Notification Center thumbnail uses Quick Look, but in the viewer pane EagleFiler uses the the system’s text engine (like TextEdit) because it supports find and replace and selecting text, amongst other features.

TextEdit screws up miserably, i.e. shows editable plain text, even though it’s a word document (CDF V2 Document).
Using cmd+Y actually works well. That’s a nice quick work-around, thanks!

Another option is that you can click this link to make EagleFiler always use Quick Look for displaying .docx files in the record viewer. (Click this link to go back to using the system text engine).

Oh, that’s sweet. It’s an old school CDF v2 Word Document, not a ‘modern’ .docx. Since it’s only that one file I usually wouldn’t care much - so just for completeness sake: Can I do that for old Word documents too? Removing the ‘x’ off of WordX does not work. Is there anywhere a list of filetypes, and what a file has been recognized as?

Love the defaults write work-around btw, very creative <3

Currently no, but you could open the file in Word and save in in .docx format.

The Kind column shows this.