Word / DOCX Title update not reflected in EagleFiler


I encountered an issue that EagleFiler keeps the initial Title of the DOCX document, which was parsed from the Word’s document Title (i.e. File → Properties → Summary → Title) when importing the DOCX file, and EagleFiler does not update the Library’s index after the Word’s document Title was changed.

May be a bug.

Thank you!

That is the intended behavior. Currently, EagleFiler does not change a record’s metadata after the initial import. I think this is problematic to do automatically because if you (or a Dropbox collaborator) edit the metadata in EagleFiler and also edit the file, which metadata should it use? Also, some people use the metadata in EagleFiler for different purposes than the metadata in the document. Would it be useful to have a command to tell EagleFiler that you want to override its metadata with what’s in the document?

Please note, however, that EagleFiler does index any metadata changes that you make Word, so you will still be able to search for the updated title.

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Oh, based on the Help Manual I assumed it was the opposite of the intended behavior:

When you edit a file in another application and view it in EagleFiler, it also reindexes the file.


I would certainly love to have an option for EagleFiler to fetch and use the current metadata in the document.

Thank you very much!

“Indexing” refers making the contents and metadata of the document available for search. Reading the metadata for display (currently) happens once at import time.

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