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Word vs Phrase Index

Faster indexing sounds good, but what at the downsides of switching to word indexing. Can I do searches on phrases by introducing quotes with a word index.

Word indexing is much faster and produces indexes files that use less disk space, however to search for phrases you’ll need to use phrase indexing. (You can still search for multiple words with word indexing, but EagleFiler will find all the documents that contain all those words, even if the words are not near each other in the document.) The reason phrase indexing is so slow is that the index needs to keep track of where each occurrence of each word appears in each document, rather than just which documents contain which words.

Just to be clear, the default behavior is for EagleFiler to do phrase indexing. The “switch” that’s referred to is manually switching this setting by holding down the Command and Option keys when opening a library.