Workaround for Microsoft taking forever to add AppleScript support to the new Outlook

Hello! spam filtering is getting even worse lately, so I decided to try SpamSieve. Unfortunately, Microsoft is taking forever to add AppleScript support to the new Outlook and I don’t want to turn off new Outlook 365 features. Would keeping Apple Mail open at the same time and running SpamSieve over there be the best workaround?

This will be running on an M2 Pro Mac Mini on macOS Ventura. And, again, it’s for, not Exchange. (I do have a work account but spam filtering is not an issue there.)

Yes, you can certainly run Apple Mail in the background while still using Outlook. You could either switch back to Mail when you need to train a message, or set up remote training so that you can hide Mail and train from within Outlook using the special mailboxes.

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Thanks for the quick response. I’ll give remote training a try.

Well, I think SpamSieve is up and running now. Trained it on 3 spam and 2 good messages that I found in junk from before SpamSieve was installed. But I’m not sure if remote training is set up properly.

After training last night, I set one junk email aside (again, already there before SS was active) and manually moved it into the TrainSpam folder. This morning, it was still sitting there in the folder. So, I manually ran Apple Mail - Remote Training.scpt, received no errors and it moved the junk email to my Junk folder. Would the script eventually process that automatically or did I miss a step?

If you’ve set up the Remote Training rule in Apple Mail, it should happen automatically when you receive a new message in your inbox. You can test that the rule works by manually applying it to a message in the inbox and see if that empties the training mailboxes.

Apple Mail rules was the one thing missing from my massive screenshot LOL. I created the SpamSieve rule but forgot to add a Remote Training rule.

It’s working well now. Thanks for your help. :+1:t3:

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