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Workaround for Outlook 16 (365?) Drone Setup on Mac

I don’t have a “Schedule” option in my Tools menu, so I assume that even though my Outlook version number is 16 (2016? I’m pretty sure I have a more modern version of Office than that…), it’s actually Office 365.

I’m hoping there’s some sort of workaround for the drone setup, e.g., I make a rule that says if something is in the TrainGood or TrainSpam folders (which is where I move things on my mobile device as appropriate), do this to it. Is that possible somehow, or no?

Yes, Outlook 2011 stopped at version 14.x. Later versions of Outlook have no mechanism for running an AppleScript automatically. However, it might be possible to adapt the the script to run as a separate application that checks the training folders periodically, rather than having it be triggered by Outlook.