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Worse than SPAM

Every day I get a lot of mails from * * Support | Administrator | Personal Manager | Supervisor | Agent | Supervisor | Team and they are quite efficiently put into my Spam folder in Apple Mail, however, I believe that these emails are trying to get me to click on links that will infect my Mac with malware. In that sense, they are worse than emails trying to sell me Viagra. There is no facility in SpamSieve to deal with this. I would like to nuke them at point of entry. What is the best way to do this?

SpamSieve does not do this for safety reasons. There is generally no 100% reliable way to detect that a message is spam or malware, and I wouldn’t want you to lose any good messages. I don’t think there’s any harm in having those messages go to the Spam mailbox. They will not infect your Mac just by sitting there. If you have a reliable way of identifying such messages, you could create a rule in Apple Mail (above the SpamSieve rule) that deletes them.

Thank you for your reply Michael.

There are several common factors to all these mails. Apart from the keywords that I have mentioned in the FROM, they all have a link to a PHP script, a line that says that the mail was sent to my @me.com email address, an unsubscribe link that points to (usually the same PHP script). I would never click on any of these links deliberately.

I have no idea how to construct such an elaborate rule in Apple Mail?

Apple Mail does support creating rules with multiple conditions, e.g. “If all of the following conditions are met.” You might need multiple rules, one for each keyword.