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wrong - and stuck - unread email numbers in SpamSieve version 2.9.3

I’m not entirely sure, but I think this problem started with the latest SpamSieve update. In the dock, where SpamSieve puts the number of new emails (unread) over Mail’s icon, the number is stuck on 3 when there are no unread emails. It does go up when new ones arrive, but never goes down or off. It isn’t dire, and SpamSieve otherwise works, but I find it irritating. I have unchecked that option in the Notification panel of Preferences and quit and restarted both Mail and SpamSieve but this made no difference.

Anyone have a clue as to what is happening and a way to fix it?



G4 MDD Dual 1.25 GHz/2 Gb RAM
OSX 10.5.8
Apple Mail 3.6

The number in SpamSieve’s Dock icon is not related to unread e-mails. It’s simply the number of new good messages that SpamSieve has processed. Clicking the Dock icon, activating your e-mail program, or training SpamSieve with a message will reset the count.

Ok, number of new good messages. But it isn’t on SpamSieve’s Dock icon, it is on the Mail Dock icon as a round red dot in the upper right corner with the number inside. I know it is generated by SpamSieve and not by Mail, but "clicking the Dock icon (which, SpamSieve or Mail? I tried both). “activating your e-mail program” well, I quit and relaunched Mail but nothing changed. Neither does using Mail, which I have been doing, change the stuck number. “training SpamSieve with a message” I just did that, selected an incoming message and clicked on the train as SPAM item in Mail’s Message menubar. Nothing has changed and the Mail Dock icon still shows the number 3. It had gone up to 10 while I was away from the Mac for a while, until I opened Mail and read/processed the new emails. Now no new ones and the number is back to 3. BTW I had unchecked the “Show number of new good messages in Dock” in SpamSieve’s Preferences/Notification tab, but that didn’t change anything either.

The number on Mail’s Dock icon has nothing to do with SpamSieve. It’s controlled by the “Dock unread count” setting in the General pane of Mail’s Preferences window.

Oh good grief. Now I am seriously confusled. Sometime in the past when I asked about that I was told it belonged to SpamSieve. But that may have been while I was stlll using Mailsmith which hadn’t the feature. I didn’t know Mail had a similar Dock item. Ok. Sorry about that.

But does SpamSieve have a similar function? If I check the box in Notification, I don’t see any numbers at all on the SpamSieve dock icon.

This page describes how SpamSieve’s Dock number feature works. It only shows a number if an application other than the mail program or SpamSieve is active.

Ok, thanks. Now I understand how it works.