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WWW Interface

Will a WWW interface be added to EagleFiler like the WWW interface just made available for Yojimbo?

It’s been my intent from the beginning to provide a Web interface for EagleFiler. However, this is a major new feature that is currently rather low in priority compared to other enhancements that people have requested and features that I want to add. The Webjimbo approach of trying to mimic the native Mac interface is interesting. I had been planning a more traditional Web-style interface that could scale up to a large display or down to an iPhone or Lynx.

In any case, I welcome comments about what kind of Web interface people would like. And, if someone would like to build an add-on product to provide this, let me know if there are any additional AppleScript hooks that you need.

This would definitely be a great idea !

Want to add my vote for a feature like this. I don’t know enough to specify the type of interface, but something that allows me to at least access the Eaglefiler stuff without using .mac would be great – I could really use it.

The lack of it is the one thing that’s held me back–I was torn between buying this and Yojimbo/Webjimbo. However, Michael’s responsiveness is so great that it really won me over.

I also suspect that a Web interface may be an increasingly necessary feature in order to compete with tools like Webjimbo and Evernote.

An easy way would be to use Jungle Disk - sync with Jungle Disk and access it via their webinterface http://www.jungledisk.com/

This would also work with .Mac if you use iDisk syncing. Another option would be to share your library using Mac OS X’s built-in Web server.

I would be very interested in a webclient now that I have an iPhone. I own Yojimbo, but am pretty sure I’m going to switch to EF. I messed around with putting my test EF database on my iDisk, but it doesn’t work as well. There’s no search, etc. I would be willing to pay extra for this feature.

Realizing that a fully featured Web interface to EagleFiler would be a huge undertaking, and given that you can already access the files in your library using an iDisk or Mac OS X’s built-in Web server, what features would you most like to see in an EagleFiler Web interface? Would it be useful to have a search box that gave you a list of result files to download or view in the browser?

Hi Michael,

Yes, I do realize a full-blown web interface would be a lot of work. If I recall correctly, WebJimbo was actually written by another developer (i.e. someone else other than the developer of Yojimbo). I think this may at least hint at the level of work involved.

Off the top of my head, the main thing that would be lacking is a search interface, as you mentioned. The fact that EagleFiler stores everything in an “open” format is advantageous in this regard, I think. I can let you know if I think of other things.

Another solution to this problem that just occurred to me would be to use a program which allows one to access their files remotely. There is a program called FarFinder which does this (Mac only), as well as a web service called LogMeIn. FarFinder is advertised as being accessible via the iPhone and I assume that LogMeIn would be as well since I think it just uses a web interface. If Apple would get Back To My Mac working from the iPhone, that would probably be best of all…

EDIT: I was assuming the above options (FarFinder/LogMeIn/Back To My Mac) allow launching of remote applications or at least use of spotlight to search content. I am not entirely sure they do.