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Y U No send order information?

I’m a registered owner of spamSieve. I’ve lost my serial name and serial number.

I’ve clicked on the “look up my serial number” button several times. SpamSieve seems to recognize my email address. (It isn’t the one I used to register on this forum, for complicated reasons that I won’t bother you about.)

But the serial number never arrives in my email. (Yes, I am checking my spam folder for the message.)

If someone at SpamSieve will contact me at my registered address, or send me a private message, I will get in touch by phone or email and try to get it straightened out.

By the way, I seem to have registered on this forum once, long ago. I’d forgotten all about it. The forum recognized my email address and promised to send me a password reset. I didn’t get that either, so I registered on the forum with a new email address and username.

Something seems to be wrong with the script that sends password resets, etc., to users.


Timothy Miller
Stockton, CA

Sorry for the delay. It looks like we’ve sent your serial number three times—I got the carbon copies. Perhaps there’s a spam filter on your server that’s blocking the e-mails that we’re sending to you. I’ve just sent it to you by private forum message.

Best customer service, ever!