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Yahoo Bulk Mail showing up in OS X Mavericks Notification Center

It’s only started doing this recently, but emails from my Yahoo account (IMAP) Bulk Mail folder are getting entries in the Notification Center. The SpamSieve rule hasn’t changed, but since “everything” goes through SpamSieve I’m looking at it as a possible culprit. Spam is still being filtered properly. Is anyone else seeing this?

SpamSieve does not see messages that arrive in the Bulk Mail folder. It also does not post in Notification Center at all. It sounds to me like you need to adjust the “New message notifications” setting in Apple Mail’s General preferences so that it’s set to “Inbox Only”.

New message notifications are already set to Inbox Only. That was the first thing I looked at. I’ve not made any configuration changes to Mail. Some plug-ins have updated, so I’ve been looking into each one as a possible culprit. It wasn’t doing this, and then it was.

OK, please note that rule actions in Mail can potentially send notifications as well.

I have two Inbox rules: SpamSieve and Apple News. Apple News is disabled.

OK, I’m not sure what would be posting those notifications, then. Do they appear in Notification Center under Mail or another app?

Notification Center under Mail.

Sorry, but I don’t know of any other Mail settings that might be posting notification if you already have it set to Inbox Only.