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Yahoo Mail Spam Filter

Turning Off the Yahoo Mail Spam Filter using recommended settings by SpamSieve does not work. Mail still goes into the Junk folder in Apple Mail and not into the Spam folder. I am using Mac OS Sierra.

Do you have more than one mail account?

Also, please make sure that you have turned off Mail’s own Junk filter on all your Macs.

In my mail preferences in Apple mail, I have disabled other email accounts (iCloud, Google, AOL etc.), and have unchecked “Enable junk email filtering” in Preferences/Junk Mail. I am still receiving mail in my junk mail folder.

OK, it sounds like either the Yahoo filter is not configured properly or Yahoo is not obeying your instructions for some reason. If you can’t get it to work, another option is to set up a script rule in Mail so that SpamSieve can move messages out of the Junk mailbox.