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yahoo mail with apple mail NIGHTMARE

Hi mike et al
I’ve seen other posts and tried the fix for yahoo a few times but without success. It seems as if yahoo mail filter does not switch off with the yahoo server junk mail workaround you’ve posted, which means that all the yahoo junk ends up being mirrored in my apple mail junk folder even when the apple mail junk filter is switched off. What this means is that the local apple mail junk filter doesn’t get ‘read’ by spam sieve at all. The only way I have been able to manage this is by moving all the apple mail junk mail into my apple mail inbox, and then applying the rules. This is a real pain, but an even bigger pain is that the yahoo spam filter, whether its on or switched of via your logical workaround, itself doesn’t remember what its junked, so nothing stops it from coming down and filling my apple mail junk filter again. Whats even worse is that much of it isn’t junk, so I can’t just delete all. NONE of this happened prior to september. I can’t see what I am doing to cause this, but its driving me NUTS. PLUS, to get Spamsieve to work, I have to do all the above manually which defeats the previous joy of having spam sieve. Could it be that the yahoo spam filter needs a different workaround? Or could it be I need a new brain?


I’ve not heard other reports of that. Are you sure that you’ve set up the Yahoo filter as shown here?

Do you have other Yahoo filters?

If, for whatever reason, you can’t turn off the Yahoo filter, another option is the Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox script, which will automatically move the messages out of the Junk mailbox.

Thanks - Yes I’m certain I have the yahoo mail server fix correct.

I have done the apple server script and it works, but only if I use the Apply Rules function manually. Have I missed something?


If the script and rule are set up properly, you should never have to use Apply Rules. It will automatically clean out the Junk mailbox whenever you receive new a message in the inbox. You can test that the script works by running it in Script Editor and checking for errors in Console.