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Yosemite - Good messages now turn to spam

After upgrading to Yosemite and using the most current version of SS I now see some mail that has been “good” during Mavericks suddenly turned to spam. Any thoughts?


I’m not sure what you mean by this. Do you mean that the same message, just sitting in your mailbox, was good before but is now marked as spam? Or are you talking about new messages from old senders?

Second, when you say that it’s spam, what do you mean, exactly? Are you referring to the message’s background color? The yellow junk bar that Mail shows? Something else?


I am having the same problem. Emails from sources which had previously been marked as good are now ending up in the spam folder. Worst still, having re-marked them as being good, new emails from that source are still ending up in the spam folder. Seriously frustrating. I am using Spamsieve 2.9.18 with Mail

It sounds like this is probably due to another rule or a server filter rather than SpamSieve, but if you send in the “If you have good messages in your Spam mailbox” information requested here I’d be happy to take a look.

The log shows that the messages that you’ve been training as good were not put in the Spam mailbox by SpamSieve. In fact, SpamSieve did not even see them when they arrived. So either the messages are being moved by a rule in Mail above the SpamSieve rule (the SpamSieve one should be at the top, and I recommend not have any other spam-filtering rules) or they were moved by a server junk filter.

The problem ended up being Apple Mail’s built-in junk mail filter, which was accidentally enabled on ESS’s Mac.