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zip file in the Files (Finder) but not in EF itself - safe to delete?

I have a zip file in EagleFiler and double-click to expand it.

That, of course, opens the corresponding file - but in the Finder.

But the unzipped file doesn’t show inside EF. Is it safe to delete it from Files in the Finder?

Yes, in fact I’d recommend that so that the Files folder stays in sync with what EagleFiler expects.

Thanks, Michael!

Is there a better/preferred way to handle all zip files so that their archives don’t get into EF Files hierarchies ‘behind EF’s back’, so to speak?

Well, I guess you could use Zip expansion software that asks where you want the expanded file to be saved. Or copy the Zip file to the desktop and expand it there.

Yes; thanks.

Something within EF that set those parameters would be a great idea :slight_smile:

Well, EagleFiler just passes the file off to whichever program your system is configured to use (in the Finder’s Get Info window). If you have it set to use BetterZip, then your Zip files will open for editing instead of being expanded. If you have it set to use StuffIt Expander, then you can configure Expander to expand onto the desktop.

By the way, I’m a little curious what you do with Zip files in EagleFiler…


Thanks. All of that makes sense.

Just that when I double-clicked on the file in question (it contained a huge set of chapters about CSS downloaded from a book’s website, zipped b/c I don’t refer to them often), it - naturally - expanded it, as you say, according to the Finder’s default into the EF hierarchy - but unbeknownst to EF; that’s not good, is it?

If it really is safe to move the files it unzipped out of that hierarchy without compromising EF’s database, then it’s a non-issue. Thanks

I also have zip files in EagleFiler, typically some software I’ve installed on my machine or my palm that I archive away.

At present, it’s perfectly fine. EagleFiler doesn’t know about the files, and it won’t touch them (unless you ask it to delete the containing folder). I don’t really recommend this, though, because it can be confusing to you if the folder contents shown in EagleFiler don’t match the folder contents shown in the Finder. Secondly, a future version of EagleFiler might scan the library for untracked files and add them to EagleFiler’s database, and that might or might not be what you want in this situation.

It’s totally safe. EagleFiler doesn’t know about the files to begin with, so it won’t miss them if you move them.

Thanks again, Michael.

This just goes to show the strengths of EF :slight_smile:

EagleFiler 1.5’s Scan for New Files now does this.

Thanks; have enjoyed using 1.5 since you released it. Some nice new features :slight_smile: