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Zip File Options

Am I correct in thinking DropDMG will always create a zip file for each file dragged in to the application window?

Is there any way to override this to merge files into a singe archive and set the compression level?

You would need to put the files in a folder and then drag the folder onto DropDMG. Could you explain more about what you want to do with the compression level?

That’s what I thought but I wasn’t sure if things had changed in 3.0. I was curious to see if DropDMG could be used to bring together a bunch of disparate files into a zip archive the way you can with, as an example, Betterzip.

What I was wondering about the prefs for zip file was whether you can trade off file compression vs. Compression speed as you can in terminal with the -# option.

No, although that’s on the to-do list for a future version.

Right, but my question is, to what end? Modern Macs are fast enough that the bottleneck is often the disk rather than the CPU, so I wonder if it might be better to always use level 9? (This is what DropDMG does for zlib disk images. For ZIP archives it currently uses the default of level 6.)

In DropDMG 3.0.2 I’ve changed it to always use level 9 (the tightest compression).