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Zip files and updating folder contents in EF

My problem is similar to one that has been discussed somewhat a while ago here:

I keep a number of zip files in EF. These are actually files downloaded from an online magazine I subscribe to. The zips contain either rtf, pdf or html files. If I need to read them or otherwise access them easily, I unzip a file. I may keep the unzipped files or trash them. In either case, I want to keep the original zip files. However, if I unzip from EF or from the finder, EF doesn’t know about the unzipped files. I could unzip (with BetterZip.app) to another location outside of EF and then import the files, but that is quite clunky.

I would like to be able to tell EF to please look at these files and consider them “imported”. My intuition was to select the folder containing the files and try to find a way to tell EF to update itself with the contents. It didn’t work…

Another option would be to have EF automatically update the folder if the contents changes, just like the finder does.

Yet another option would be to consider an archive file to be similar to a folder and be able to view the contents by clicking on a “reveal” triangle like the ones on the left of folders in the EF sidebar. The user could then view the contents without actually unzipping.

Personally, I would prefer either option one or two, but three might be useful too.

Did I miss something here?



There’s currently no way to do this, but I’d like to add one.

Well, at least I’m sure that I didn’t miss something in the manual.

Glad to hear you think it would be a good idea too. Maybe someday :slight_smile:


EagleFiler 1.5 adds the Scan for New Files feature.