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Zooming in RTF Files

Hi Michael,
Is it safe to assume that zooming of RTFs is not going to be implemented?
I love that it is so easy to open them in an external editor, but I’d also love to be able to read them within EF more easily. Seems like a very odd omission in such a sophisticated app.

Zooming is simply not a feature that many people have mentioned, so it hasn’t been a top priority, but it does seem like a good idea to me. Would you want EagleFiler to remember how much you’d zoomed in? Would you want all RTFs zoomed the same amount or should it be different for each record?

Hi Michael.
It seems really odd to me that after all these years zooming (other than for PDF) has been relatively little requested; I guess it depends what people use EF for. I have used is as an email archive for years, but I’m also starting to use it as a journal of RTF notes. Those notes generally start in Nisus Writer at 12pt, but zoomed to around 150%, which is my default print/screen compromise in Nisus. Entering EF (via a Service) they look very small on a retina screen, but reopened in Nisus for editing they are fine. Being able to zoom in EF would make searching much more painless.

And in answer to your question I’d be very happiest with a global zoom amount for RTFs, which could be changed per note as necessary. I don’t mind too much if the changes become the remembered default, but I’d prefer if they did not. If this complicates things, requiring a zoom pref somewhere, I can live without.

There are so many things that are uniquely good about EF, but this is a rough corner I keep skinning myself on, so it would be terrific if you could round it off. Many thanks.

I should have added that zooming of email messages would be very welcome too!

Thanks for explaining how you use RTFs. For e-mails, you can increase the font size in the preferences, and it will make the text larger if you are using the Rich Text, Plain Text, or Raw Source view.

Michael, coincidentally over the last few days I have been thinking about writing you about this. I also do a lot of note-taking and writing in EF, and I have had to resort to using a 14-point size font to be able to comfortably work. While this is large enough to see on-screen, in addition to the inconveniences that Nick_Sloan mentions, another issue is that the font is too large in printed documents, including PDFs. See the screenshots of Nisus Writer Pro in Draft view for their implementation UI-wise. NWP remembers the last view setting and reuses it for new documents, which I find very convenient. Thanks for considering, this would be a great help.

Thanks. It’s on the list.

Great. Looking forward to this enhancement. Thanks very much.