3.0.1 error: Check the setup to make sure inbox messages can be filtered

I installed SpamSieve for a new client, Ventura 12.6. Did all of the setup (which I’ve done for dozens of other clients in the past few weeks). In SpamSieve > Settings > Setup, getting the red error message “Check the setup to make sure inbox messages can be filtered.”

I went through the checklist 7.1.1 Checking the Apple Mail Setup. Only discrepancy that I saw was in Privacy & Security > Automation, there is SpamSieve, but no SpamSieveHelper.

I tried reinstall, issue persists. I made a diagnostic export.

If you look in the Log window, it says:

Skipping filtering inbox of account “Comcast” because it contains too many messages: 8412. Try moving some old messages to a different mailbox.

Clicking the red link in the Settings window should open this help page, which has information about large inboxes.

With SpamSieve 3.0.2b1 there is no more limitation for large inboxes.