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A couple suggestions

First off, great program!

These suggestions stem mostly from copying text from Web pages and needing to document where it comes from. I currently use the Drop Pad for that.

  1. An alternative option for the Drop Pad so that I don’t have to dig it out from under other windows. Could it have a place on the Dock? Menu Bar?
  2. Another option for this would be for Command/Shift/5 to capture source information. Then, I would not need the Drop Pad.

There may be alternatives already to the suggestions above. I would love to hear if someone else has this figured out.

My other request is one you are working on - real time tags. I appreciate you making that one top on your list. Seems a lot of people are interested in it.


PS What about a system-wide key to bring the Drop Pad forward - is there a way to accomplish this with another automator/macro-type tool?

You can drag and drop to EagleFiler’s Dock icon.

This was not possible before, but with some recent changes to Mac OS X I think I’ll be able to get the source information when using the service or dropping onto the Dock icon.

I’d be interested to know if anyone has ideas for how to do this. I actually don’t think Mac OS X allows an application to bring one of its windows to the front without bringing the whole application to the front.

Thanks for the reply

<<You can drag and drop to EagleFiler’s Dock icon.>>

Yes, I know I can do that, but it does not capture the source information does it? At least I cannot find that is does that like that Drop Pad does.

That’s correct. At present the Dock icon and service do not receive the source information, since this was not possible up to 10.4.10. I think it may be possible on 10.4.11 and 10.5 but have not yet modified the code to try that.

This works in EagleFiler 1.4.1.

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