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Apple Mail Training Suggestion

Have one suggestion myself, Michael. First, I have used the application for quite some time; it is simple to operate and easy to use. Second (not pertaining to a suggestion) but you are from NH? If so, where? I live in Conway.

My suggestion is this:

Highlight a piece of mail
Right click to get a drop down menu
SpamSieve collection of choices avail right in the contextual menu?

Yes, I’m from NH and live in Hanover. We like to go up to Conway in the summer for hiking and shopping.

I’d like to add the SpamSieve training commands to the contextual menu in Mail. Unfortunately, it’s tricky—from a plug-in—to match the semantics of the other commands in the menu, where they apply to the message that’s clicked on rather than the message that’s selected. I don’t want people to accidentally train the wrong message.

I see; you are centrally located about 2 hours from me! If you are ever in the area we could get coffee? The Met boasts of plastic clear shelters outside.

By the way, I couldn’t function without SpamSieve. I have a thought!

I am a retired teacher/lawyer and photographer. Perhaps some images of you and a story?


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