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After using SpamSieve with Apple Mail for a while


I have noticed that using SpamSieve with Apple Mail for a while ( like for many days, maybe a few weeks ) it slows down the launching of Mail, where it gets a beachball turning for nearly 15-20 seconds before Mail is fully launched

Removing the SpamSieve plug-in, by uninstalling it for Apple Mail, and relaunch Mail by itself, makes Mail launch fast
If I reinstall the SpamSieve plug-in it will remain OK, fast launching of Mail, for a many days or a few weeks

I wonder if you ever noticed this, and have a suggestion to prevent the slowing launch of Mail

That’s not a known issue. Could you record a sample report from Mail during the hang, so that I can see why it’s beachballing?

I will when it does it again, and will refer to this post when I email it

Thanks for sending the sample log from SpamSieve when it was launching. It looks like Mail is getting stuck when SpamSieve asks it if it’s ready. You may be able to work around this by clicking this link to have SpamSieve ask Mail in a different way. If that doesn’t help, please record a sample from Mail during the hang. You can undo the workaround by clicking this link.


slightly better, maybe normal, but this was with the second user

I give you a better insight when I use your “link” on the main user when it gets very slow


note: here is the sample, if this may help

Échantillon de SpamSieveLaunchAgent.txt (49 KB)

OK, please let me know. It would be best to sample Mail and the SpamSieve app, rather than the launch agent.

Ok, I’ll remember that you need a sample of Mail and Spamsieve

for now, second user samples, if this may help

Sample SpamSieve.txt (312 KB)

Sample Mail.txt (1.89 MB)

Is it hung for that user? It looks like Mail is waiting on the filesystem (FSEventStreamFlushSync) rather than a request from SpamSieve.

Yes it is, hangs for about 20 seconds

I uninstall SpamSieve, with the SpamSieve “uninstall Mail plug-in”

I had a hard time because it was launching Mail which froze constantly, “application not responding”

I resolved by deleting the SpamSieve Mail bundle from the Library…Mail

after Mail launched super quickly

I reinstalled SpamSieve, activated it in Mail preferences and its rule

and now all is fast

as the initial issue I raised

(why would it be if it was a Mail only problem…waiting for a filesystem, note I am not a programmer )

Initial issue:

after a while Mail gets slower and slower, it is fixed by uninstalling SpamSieve ( plugin ) and reinstalling it from scratch

But now I can’t really test further, as Mail works correctly and fast with SpamSieve (after re-installing)

I’ll get back to you when it slows a lot for me as the main user


As far as I can tell, part of the plug-in loading process (starting with macOS 10.14) is that Mail needs to get a certain file system events ID (to check whether the files have moved since you enabled the plug-in). This is normally really quick, but sometimes it can take a while. So it may not be related to anything the plug-in is doing, just the fact that Mail is trying to load a plug-in. If this happens again, it might help delete the DataVaults folder, as described in (D) here.

This part is still a mystery to me—I’ve not seen that happen and don’t know what would cause it.

Well, I decide to uninstall SpamSieve on my MBA

It is still on my iMac, as there is no slow launching of Mail, maybe because I use it less for Mail, 'I,ll se how it goes over time

Thank you for trying and for the support

Did you ever try deleting the DataVaults folder?

I have been seeing the same symptom, sporadically [at times when the client might be (re)sign-in to Gmail, my ISP]: an unaccompanied (modal) spinning ball persisting for multiple tens of seconds, with Postbox 5.0.25 (macOS Mojave 10.14.6 18G2022). Might the same issue apply? Should I try the same “diagnostics” as Giles99? Or just switch to Apple Mail, as already planned ahead of eventual update to macOS Catalina 10.15, if latest SpamSieve (2.9.38 or upcoming?) “fixes” this issue?

No, @Gilles99 reported an issue that’s caused by the way Apple Mail loads plug-ins. It won’t happen with Postbox.

Please record a sample from Postbox when this happens, and I can look into whether it’s related to SpamSieve.

As far as I can tell, it’s a Mail/macOS issue that applies to all Mail plug-ins and cannot be fixed by the plug-in itself. It may be fixed by deleting the DataVaults folder. Most likely, it won’t affect you, as 99+% of Apple Mail users are not seeing the delay.

Thanks for the usual prompt, fully responsive (and straightforward) reply!

I gave this (deleting Datavaults folder) a try, I’ll see in the next week or so if this worked

I’ll report back here

So far so good

Can’t say if it is deleting the Datavaults or the last beta update

but it is not sluggish anymore when launchin Apple Mail


Great—thanks for the follow-up.

Since I deleted the Datavaults as per SpamSieve instructions
I get these errors doing a backup with Carbon Copy Cloner
anything I can do to prevent these errors

I would ask the Bombich folks about that. My understanding is that unless System Integrity Protection is turned off, apps don’t have access to read either of this folders. So my guess is that they should be excluded from backups.