Apple Mail Conflict

After upgrading to macOS Ventura 13.2, Spam Sieve crashes Apple Mail. To make it work, I have to disable Spam Sieve and delete the folder it was putting spam in. Then reactivate Spam Sieve and create another fold for it to use.

It will work for a while. I can quit Mail or restart the Mac and it continues to work, but then for no apparent reason, I have to disable it and redo all the steps to make it function again.

Apple Mail works fine without Spam Sieve, but I’d rather use it.

Please explain what you mean by “crashes.” If you are getting a crash report window for Mail, please send in the crash log. If Mail is hanging, please record a sample of it.

Sorry about that, I should have been more specific.

When I try to open Mail, the window opens and immediately closes. Mail won’t stay open.

I can force it to open by holding down the Shift key when double-clicking. Once open, if I click on the spam folder that Spam Sieve uses, Mail quits. I have to disable Spam Sieve and delete the folder Spam Sieve was using, then Mail will work as it should.

After reactivating Spam Sieve, it will work for a while, then repeat the above described problem.

It sounds like maybe Mail is crashing. Please look for its crash log file so that we can see what’s causing this. I’ve never seen a crash related to clicking on a mailbox before.

I’m in touch with Apple. Funny thing is, it only does it if Spam Sieve is active.

Thanks for sending the crash log file. Interestingly, it doesn’t mention SpamSieve or junk/spam stuff at all. It does not even look like the SpamSieve plug-in was loaded at the time of the crash. It looks like the crash might be related to Mail reading your Contacts. If it crashes again, please send another log and we can see whether that is a common factor.

Will do. Thanks for the reply.

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