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Apple Mail Messages Keep Going to Spam

Sorry what is the short reply on what is to do if you mark a message continuously from spam to good? What Menu di I have to change what for that incoming forum reminder that is flagged and moved to spam?

Are you saying that the message is not moving to the inbox when you click the Move Out of Junk button?

Hi Michael, I am moving Mails from spam to inbox by ctrl-cmd-G but SS wont learn the forum mails as non-spam. So my question is how do I force those mails out of the spam?

The mail is moved to the inbox correctly by ctrl-cmd-G but the next mail from the same sender is again thrown in the spam.

In this case it’s the adress admin@vrforum.de I would like to whiteflag

Oh, it sounds like you are using Apple Mail, not MailMate, so I’m moving this to a new topic. My guess is that either there’s a setup problem, SpamSieve is not what’s moving the messages, or the whitelist isn’t working because you had also trained some of these as spam. Please use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here, and I’ll investigate.

Thanks for sending the report. It looks like SpamSieve did not classify any of those messages as spam, and in fact did not even look at them when they arrived on your Mac. Most likely they had already been moved by a server junk filter or another computer/device. So you may want to look into turning off whatever’s doing that or else switch SpamSieve to use the Junk mailbox and to rescue the good messages.

OK, I checked OSX mail and the junk filter is off so it has to be Exchange 365?

Micheal there does not seem a way to deactivate spam filtering in exchange365 under //security.microsoft.com/antispam

This may work, or you could try the rescue setup to have SpamSieve counteract the server filter.

Sadly the crazies at MS rename and remodel their setting permanently so found this to work. I think will have to test. Each tie I am in MS settings I remember why I left them.

There is a movie at the bottom. You basically set a rule to bypass the spamfilter

Spamsieve/I should be in charge now.