AppleMail periodically requires Force Quit

Longtime user of SS and while I have never completely understood it I consider SS to be one of my core go-to apps. The changes required for 3.X under Monterey have thrown me a bit. I have the system working ok other than the green flagged msgs in my inbox. So e are spqm some are not.

I digress, back on topic. The issue I have is with Apple Mail hanging up and requiring s force quit. I don’t know what causes the hang and am concerned it may be SS. Not throwing blame but SS changed the setup making it unproven on my system so one must wonder if it’s the cause.

I run Mail on a pretty powerful intel iMac as well as on my iPad and iPhone. The OS version of Mail is the only one I have this issue with.

How can I diagnose the issue. Admittedly I am not very good at reading crash reports etc.

Not at my computer right now but running SS as extension and set up per the manual. Every thing is updated to current versions.

Can anyone offer guidance? I have bought licenses for both my mom and wife with my aister doming onboard soon so I need to be able to troubleshoot should anything happen to their systems.

There were no changes required for macOS Monterey, only for Sonoma. You can keep using the same Apple Mail plug-in on Monterey, if you want, and that’s what we recommend.

The Check inboxes for new messages not sent to Mail extension feature can be slow on Monterey if you have lots of messages in your inbox, due to a performance bug in Mail. We’ve worked around that on Ventura and Sonoma, but not on Monterey. Mail’s extension support on that version is more rough, and it’s better to just use the plug-in, anyway.

Thank you for your reply Michael. I misspoke. I am on Sonoma not Monterey. I setup SpamSieve according to the manual’s instructions for Sonoma including archiving ~6800 mail messages from my Inbox to a new Inbox. I currently have ~the same number of messages left as of this writing.

Though I have used SS for years I am confused by how v3.4 works. Not placing blame at your feet mind you, it’s probably a user issue, me, and just not fully understanding the changes.

Really I posted because of the continued freezing experiences and not knowing if SpanSieve is playing a part in that. How can I diagnose the issue. The window shows the spinning beachball and rt-clicking on the dock icon shows “Force Quit.” Doing so clears the issue up for some time but it always occurs again.

This is my machine’s specs.
Late 2019 iMac
3.6 GHz 8-core intel i9
8 GB memory
Sonoma 14.5

Note, looking through SS’s log I see quite a few Errors coded -1712.

Please see this page. There’s a list of things to check, and if nothing helps you can record sample logs from Mail and SpamSieve and also send in a diagnostic report so that we can investigate what’s happening on your Mac.