Are you receiving messages from the SpamSieve News mailing list?

It occurred to me that, although I have received many e-mails from customers in response to the SpamSieve 3 upgrade, few if any of them were in in reply to the announcement e-mail (subject SpamSieve 3.0) that I sent to the mailing list. Normally I receive many such replies, even to announcements of small maintenance updates. I also sent out a second email (subject Updating SpamSieve and Mail Settings for macOS 14 Sonoma) on Saturday evening, linking to this important forum post and received zero replies and not very many views of the post.

So Iā€™m wondering whether some, or perhaps many, of you are not receiving these e-mails. If you see this post and have signed up for (or opted into, at purchase time) the SpamSieve mailing list, could you let me know whether you received either of these messages? Have you received e-mails announcing previous SpamSieve updates? There should have been one e-mail for SpamSieve 2.9.52, one for 2.9.51, etc. Looking at the delivery history, I see a suspiciously low rate of bounces for e-mails about other recent updates, so I wonder whether there has been a problem with the mailing list for a while now.

Note: There are actually two SpamSieve mailing lists, the old Mailman one and the newer DreamHost one, and it seems as though there may be issues with both (though the SpamSieve Beta Mailman list seems to have worked great).

I get your upgrade notes. However, I usually get the bouncing icon for SpamSieve before your emails reach my inbox :slight_smile:

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Michael, I did see the Sept 25 Spam Sieve News and pretty sure the earlier ones, HTH.