.background/background.png instead of .DropDMGBackground/background.png? background path

Hi, I’d love to figure out how to bake a .DS_Store that references .background/background.png instead of .DropDMGBackground/background.png.

Unfortunately the Python script that builds multiple different Installer DMGs, needs there to be a .background/background.png and if i feed a .DS_Store there created by DropDMG, the path is not valid.

Is this a feature (defining where the background path is) that becomes available after purchasing the full app?

No, I don’t think anyone’s ever asked for that, though it’s potentially something that could become customizable in a future version. Could you explain more about why your script is copying the .DS_Store files directly rather than telling DropDMG itself to create the DMGs?

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reason being is that we have a GitHub repository that builds the DMG. and it needs a pre-configured .DS_Store. i was using DropDMG to create the .DS_Store and placing it in the GitHub repository. It is a Chromium based browser.

Unfortunately due to the .DS_Store referencing a DropDMG -configured path, instead of .background path, we weren’t able to use the DropDMG created .DS_Store in this process of automatically packaging a DMG build.

I should be able to add this in the next beta.