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Battery Status stuck on 45% for Magic Trackpad 2

Shows 45% even when fully charged and showing 100% in Bluetooth preferences.
I tried un/reinstalling ToothFairy and removing and re-adding the trackpad but problem persists.

Have you tried restarting your Mac?

I noticed it a while back and my mac has been restarted a few times due to updates since.
I will do a restart now thought to check.

Just restarted and it still shows 45%.

Thank you for checking. It may also help to remove the trackpad from the Bluetooth pane of System Preferences and then re-add it.

Just tried that, no joy I’m afraid.
Noticed my AirPods Max are stuck at 82% (Bluetooth Prefs saying 44%).

I’m thinking it may be because I’m in the MacOS public beta?

I’ve not heard other reports of problems, but there certainly could be a bug in the beta. Would you be able to send in a diagnostic report so that I can investigate this further?

Done, thanks for looking into this.

I’m having the same.

Battery stuck at 14% for my beats flex.
this happened since the update to Monterey.

was working perfectly before.

Did you try removing and re-adding the device from the Bluetooth pane of System Preferences?

I’ve had similar from the beginning of Monterey beta.
Nothing seems to fix it.

yup, tried to remove and add it back.

still stuck.

Please send in a diagnostic report.

This is fixed in ToothFairy 2.7.5.