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Crashes moving messages out of mailbox on Big Sur

Very disappointed by EagleFiler. I use it since 2016 and I now only use it to archive emails. I run 1.9.2 on big sur and on Catalina 10.15.7.
I decided to move all email from mailbox as individual emails (.eml) so that I can access the archive’d emails directly.
I moved hundreds of emails. It was terribly long and Eaglefiler crashed several times. Now I tried the lazst mailboxes with EF under Catalina and it worked far better.
Annoying because I cannot trust EF under Big Sur

Sorry to hear that you are getting crashes when extracting messages. We’ve not received any reports of this happening. In fact, no one with EagleFiler 1.9.2 has reported any crashes on Big Sur. When the automated crash reporter window comes up, please click the button to submit the report. You can also submit the crash log files manually as described here.

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