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Difference Between Train as Spam and Block Sender

I would like to better understand the difference between using the Train as Spam command and the Block Sender script.

The explanation in your site is not clear enough (at least for a novice like me).

Thank You,


If you are a novice you should probably ignore the Block Sender script entirely. Just use Train as Spam.

Block Sender is for people who are using a custom setup to move the most spammy messages directly to the trash. It lets you mark messages from repeat offenders as extra spammy when SpamSieve had already classified them as spam.

Thanks again for your prompt reply.

I will follow your recommendation and stop using the Apple Script (BTW I meant to say that I was a novice on Apple Scripts not a novice in all ;))

The reason I was asking was to try to figure out whether that was the cause of the “disappearing” messages that I reported on another post. But I think that you already help me solve that.

Thanks again,


The Block Sender script would not be related to that since it doesn’t move the messages.