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EagleFiler and Expression Engine

I use EF as part of my workflow to develop new items for my blog/website which is written in Expression Engine. For each post I store all items, e.g. other articles, links to other websites, figures, other Word documents, references, etc. in EF. This is great
But when I have a post with an Exhibit, e.g. a diagram in PNG or JPG, it has to be available in finder as that is where EE looks for it. this means I have to hold a separate copy or put the diagram separately on the finder desktop. This is a pain and slows my workflow.
Is there anyway round this? I’d love it, if there were.
Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and regards, Jack
Happy New Year BTW hoping that it is not so horrible as 2020.

All EagleFiler files are available in Finder, so normally you can just drag and drop from the EagleFiler window to the file open panel to select one of them. I’m not familiar with how Expression Engine works. Are you saying that it only lets you choose a file from the desktop?

Thanks Micheal,

Yes Expression Engine only sees the files if they are available in finder, it doesn’t see the image file when it is inside the EF folder.

I don’t know what drag to the "file open panel” is? And cannot find any reference to that in EF help notes.

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and regards, Jack

My point is that EagleFiler’s folder and everything in it is available in Finder. For example, you can select any record in EagleFiler and choose Record ‣ Reveal in Finder to see where it is.

I mean in Expression Engine. Does it have a standard File ‣ Open or File ‣ Import command?

Thanks Michael,

Now I know where to go so I don’t have to go out of EF to load the image onto the post. Great stuff.

Not sure about your EE question - have asked my developer.

Thanks again. Regards, Jack

Thanks for the follow-up from the Expression Engine developer. It sounds like it can work with standard files in any location, so you should be able to attach files directly from your EagleFiler library.