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How do you use EaglerFiler Michael?

This is maybe a too personal question @Michael_Tsai, I won’t be offended if you refuse to answer or give details :slight_smile:.

The question may have been asked already, but I did not find it in the forum.

How do you use EagleFiler? Have you complex workflows around EaglerFiler?

And I also wonder if you use EaglerFiler for handling your blog posts? If not, what is your workflow for capturing articles, highlighting interesting parts and linking to the original post?

I thought I had a post here about which libraries I have and what I use them for, but I can’t seem to find it. Would writing that up be helpful? I don’t think I do anything very complex.

I have one library that I use to capture interesting articles and key paragraphs, tweets, notes that aren’t for publication, etc. This is more to have a local, searchable copy (since so many things disappear or change) than to do the writing and linking.

That’s all done in MarsEdit where I keep a large number of drafts for posts and updates, with “tags” in the title to help find them. I have a bunch of scripts to help. MarsEdit is not really designed for this, and I don’t think I have a particularly great system, but I like it better than my old way of using separate apps for collecting/organizing and writing. I try to capture (using the bookmarklet) everything that I want to link to directly into the appropriate draft.

The other place where EagleFiler helps is in finding old posts that I want to reference. Google is not always great for this, and MarsEdit has limited browsing/searching, so I have an EagleFiler library that stores my published posts, so I can browse by tag and do more powerful searching.

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I think what you described is already helpful. Thanks for sharing!

I guess for capturing the paragraphs that you copy/paste the content from the original content to Mars Edit?

Indeed, that’s a good way to refer back to previous posts. Nice.

Do you any particular workflow between iOS/you iPhone and your Mac. I read on some posts you use GoodReader, do you use other apps?

I mostly use the bookmarklet because that sets up the <blockquote> for me. But it doesn’t handle Twitter emoji, so sometimes I have to copy/paste. Or, if there’s formatting, I have a script to open the HTML source in BBEdit, and then I copy from there. Another script cleans up the HTML.

I use OmniFocus to mark links on the phone that I want to do something with on the Mac. I also use IFTTT to e-mail myself any tweets that I favorite, so I can then search those by content to find things later. For “content” apps, I have been using Apple’s Files, Working Copy, Instapaper, Kindle, Readdle Documents, GoodReader, and Dropbox.

Thank you very much Michael for sharing.
That’s interesting to read how you use your own tool :), and others.

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