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EagleFiler Public Beta and macOS 12 Monterey

The current public beta version of EagleFiler is compatible with the beta for macOS 12. You can sign up below to be notified when new beta versions are available and download them from within the app.

The beta release notes are available in the Software Update window and also in the “Version History” section of the manual (in the Help menu).

We do not recommend using a macOS beta on your main Mac, as there may be bugs that we have not had time to, or cannot, work around. With that said, we do welcome bug reports so that we can investigate any bugs and report them to Apple or try to develop workarounds. Please submit any feedback or bug reports via e-mail, rather than posting here.

EagleFiler 1.9.5b1 is now available and works with macOS 12 Developer Beta 1.

Hi is there a link where I can download it?

I recommend updating from the release version to the beta (using the setting at the top of this page) before updating to Monterey. If you are already on Monterey, I can send you a download link for the current beta.

Thanks for the link! The current version won’t launch after ‘upgrading’ to Monterey, so an in-app update does not work.

I’m in the same boat as Peter above. Would you send me the direct beta link too please?

Hola, estoy en el mismo caso, Would you send me the direct beta link too please? :smiley:

Hi Michael. I am already on MacOS Monterey so I will need the download link directly. Would you be able to send it to me?

Hi Michael, unfortunately I saw this post too late and I am also already on Monterey.
PLZ send the download link directly.


I also was on Monterey before Eagle Filter was out. So would it be possible to also get a public beta link? Thanks!

The release version of EagleFiler 1.9.5 with Monterey support is now available.