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Error exporting message - Outlook


There is a post from 2014 that seems similar.

MacBook Air (M1, 2020), 16GB RAM, macOS Big Sur, Version 11.2.3 (20D91)
Microsoft Outlook, Version 16.46 (21021202), Microsoft 365 subscription
Tested on both EagleFiler 1.9.3 and 1.9.4b1

With an EagleFiler library open, I select a message in Outlook and press Fn-F1. There is an approximately 2 min delay during which EagleFiler does not respond. When the process times-out, a message is displayed in Outlook (attached image), “Error exporting message” with three options 1) Just Import Headers, 2) Skip All Empty Messages, and 3) Cancel.

I tried moving the message to a folder “On My Mac” in case the message wasn’t fully downloading but saw the same issue.

If I drag and drop the same message to the Finder, it is blank except for the header.

Interestingly, I am able to import messages successfully using the default “Import From Outlook” AppleScript.

Additional info: I created this EagleFiler library on an Intel based MacBook Pro (macOS Big Sur, Version 11.2.3) earlier in the day and imported approximately 4000 messages from Outlook 2016 (16.16.27) using Fn-F1 with no problems.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

As far as I’m aware, the Outlook issue mentioned in the old post is fully worked around in recent versions of EagleFiler.

The 2-minute delay sounds like you might be running into an Apple Silicon–specific AppleScript bug I’ve seen (FB8958896) where sometimes communication between apps times out and is dropped. To investigate this, Apple has recommended entering this Terminal command to enable some additional debug logging:

sudo log config --subsystem com.apple.appleevents --mode "persist: debug"

and then restarting your Mac. Then, right after the problem occurs, you could save a diagnostic report.

However, if the message is blank when dragged to Finder there may also be a problem with your Outlook database. Are you saying that this same message works with the Import From Outlook script?

If that script does work, it’s a fine work around. Or you could try the capture key on your Intel-based Mac.

Are you saying that this same message works with the Import From Outlook script?

Yes, the same message.

I restarted the computer this morning, opened EagleFiler (now updated to 1.9.4b2), opened Outlook, dragged the top new message to my Downloads folder. The message is blank except for the headers.

Next I used the Import From Outlook script from Outlook, and the same message imported to EagleFiler immediately with all content. I can open it in Mail and Outlook and the links and attachments are intact.

Next I used the capture key from Outlook, and saw the same ~2 min hang, time-out, and error message.

I am transitioning away from the Intel MacBook Pro, so I’ve already removed my email accounts from that machine. The Import From Outlook script is working great, so I can use that while I investigate the other AppleScript and Outlook database issues that you mentioned.

The capture key is working fine in Safari. Next on my list is to test and update my various AppleScripts for importing from iCloud tabs, etc.

I expected a few issues with the move to the M1 MacBook Air, and I have found a few, but I am working in Final Cut Pro almost everyday right now and this M1 machine is an unbelievable improvement over the Intel machine. No waiting, no stuttering, no fan noise, twice as fast export–all with half the RAM and about half the price of the old machine.