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Error exporting message

New user, but like the software so far.
Question - When importing messages via F1 the import process stops continually with a message “Error exporting message” and I need to choose either Import Headers or Skip this Message. This requires I sit in front of the computer to keep responding each time to keep the import going. Some way to avoid this? A “do this same action on similar messages” prompt or something. Very annoying that I’m unable to work on something else while importing is taking place.


Sorry for the annoyance. Are you importing from Outlook? I will look into a way to make the capture import smoother when there are errors, but if you’re running into the bug where Outlook can’t access certain messages via AppleScript, it might be better to export all of the messages to the Finder by drag-and-drop and then import them into EagleFiler.

I’ve added this in EagleFiler 1.6.3.