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Errors list keeps regenerating

Hi. I had some errors on a few imported files a week or so ago. I deleted the errors from the errors list but they keep growing back and displaying every time I import.

How do I clear those notifications?


What sort of errors are they? Missing File errors will come back each time you open the library, as that’s when EagleFiler automatically checks whether files are missing. Import-related errors would be new and separate for each import that you do.

It seems like these are errors that I can’t resolve. It says the file is missing, but the file is clearly in the trash. However, there is some sort of iOS issue with the file not being found. I will show you as much as I can, if you want to take this off-line. Thanks.

In the Trash in EagleFiler’s window or in the library’s Trash folder in Finder?

Sure, you can e-mail me here.

It looks like your library is stored in iCloud Drive, and EagleFiler thought the files were missing because your Mac had not downloaded them from the cloud. If you go to System Preferences ‣ Apple ID ‣ iCloud and uncheck Optimize Mac Storage, that will make iCloud Drive store the files locally where apps can see them.