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Gmail spam messages remain colored in inbox

I am having a similar issue. Been using SpamSieve with Macmail and GoDaddy IMAP account. Just switched to Google IMAP. I adjusted the Gmail and other settings as described. Spam messages are still arriving in the Spam box and the Inbox, but now marked gray instead of yellow. Any further guidance?

Is it the message’s text color or background color in the message list that’s gray? Is your SpamSieve rule in Mail set to move the messages to a Spam mailbox that’s on the same server as the inbox? That’s more reliable for Gmail in recent versions of Mail than an On My Mac mailbox.

Created folder on server side called Spam, and updated SpamSieve rule to move every message to that folder; no change – actually the messages are just going to the inbox now, not making it to the folder…

OK, I split this into a new topic because it looks like you are seeing this issue rather than a problem with messages that were marked as deleted.

If you select the colored messages in the inbox and choose Message ‣ Apply Rules, do they move to Spam?

The next time the incoming messages fail to automatically move, could you send in a diagnostic report?

If I select colored messages and choose Message Apply Rules, they move – but to the ether.

Then I followed the instructions from the linked page, specifically 7.13.7 #5 (“It may help to click this link to tell SpamSieve not to mark spam messages as junk on the server”). That seems to have got the junk messages out of my inbox, but new problem is that they seem to be getting perma-deleted upon impact.

Would be nice to have them retained in that Spam folder, since on occasion good stuff gets filtered…

Appreciate your help.

It sounds like you’re running into one of the Catalina Mail bugs. First, I recommend enabling SpamSieve’s backup feature. Second, it’s usually possible to work around the bug—i.e. prevent messages from disappearing—by choosing a mailbox in a different location (server vs. On My Mac) and perhaps a different one per account. It may take a bit of trial and error to find the locations that work best.

Another option is to set the rule to leave the messages in place but mark them, e.g. with a gray flag. You could then click on the gray flag mailbox to easily see and delete the spams.

An easier solution is now available with SpamSieve 2.9.45 (now in beta) by following the Switching From the Spam Mailbox to the Junk Mailbox instructions.