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How to avoid 'You have chosen to open 745 items.'?

New user here - I am using Eagle Filer latest version 1.9 with Big Sur beta.

I repeatedly (3 out of 4 tries) run into a problem when selecting items via keyboard shift and cursor down (without ENTER!) as in the attached figure. There is no other way to escape those modals than via ‘cancel program immediately’ and restart EF, as pressing ‘cancel’ just produces another ‘You have chosen …’.

Is this an issue with Big Sur or with EF version 1.9

Thanks for your help

Sorry about that. It’s an EagleFiler bug that manifests when running on Big Sur. The workaround is to remove the Share button from the toolbar. It will also be fixed in the next public beta build.

Thanks Michael, it is now working as expected!

I also have another issue trying to import from Evernote - starting ‘Import ENEX file’ does precisely nothing in the same setup. Do you also have such a great workaround for this?

Not yet. I just learned of that issue.

Both the “You have chosen…” and Evernote issues are fixed in EagleFiler 1.9.1b1.

Thanks Michael,

‘You have …’ is working now, Evernote import keeps on crashing after working through the import for about 75 percent of records. I will try to identify the cause for the issue by directly importing the records one by one via F1.

On another topic: I am unable to move a record from one library to another - I always get the white plus on green background and duplicated records as result. I tried every combination of modifier keys while moving without success. What am I missing?

Do you mean that Evernote is crashing or EagleFiler is? I don’t think I’ve received any crash logs from you.

Currently, drag and drop between libraries always copies the records. However, you could wait until the import is done and then press the Delete key to remove the records from the source library. I plan to add “move” support in a future version.

In the future, please start a new forum topic for new questions.

EagleFiler 1.9.1 has been released.