Info.plist appears in EagleFiler email imports instead of emails

I am trying to create an email archive in Eaglefiler. The manual tells me to “to select some messages or mailboxes and press the [capture key].” But where I expect to find emails in Eaglefiler, I find info.plist’s. I have tried to follow through with the Forum exchange from (I think) May 2020, where the Reaveal Mailbox.scpt is used, but this doesn’t work (I don’t get the dialogue that would allow me to type “[Gmail]”). What next?

It sounds like you’re referring to this thread. The point of the Reveal Mailbox script is to show you where the mailbox is stored in Finder, for debugging purposes. The script is not used for importing and is not supposed to show you a dialog. I doubt that it’s relevant to your situation.

Are you using a Gmail account in Apple Mail? If so, you probably need to select the messages that you want to import (rather than the mailboxes), due to the way Apple Mail stores Gmail messages.

Thank you, Michael. You are right: I am using a Gmail account in Apple Mail. But selecting messages to archive is a laborious task because I have numerous folders. I am wondering how to avoid this in the future. Change my email client? Change my email address to a provider other than gmail? Any thoughts would be welcome.

This is covered in the Importing Multiple Mailboxes section of the manual:

To import multiple whole mailboxes at once, first select the mailboxes in Mail’s sidebar. You can either Command-click to select individual mailboxes or select a whole range of mailboxes by clicking on the first one and then Shift-clicking on the last one. Once the mailboxes are selected, use the Edit ‣ Select All command to select all the messages. Then press EagleFiler’s capture key.

Or, you can also use a smart mailbox to show messages from multiple mailboxes and import them all at once.