Issues after new setup

Hi guys,
I am using SpamSieve with Apple Mail.

If I remember correctly, I had to change the setup a few months ago because Apple had made some adjustments. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Since then I’ve had a few problems.
Firstly, spam mails are no longer filtered out as reliably as before.
But what bothers me even more is the fact that SpamSieve regularly closes by itself. The program is no longer open and can no longer be found in the Dock. Then, of course, the shortcuts can no longer be used to train SpamSieve and perhaps this is also the reason why some spam mails are not filtered out.

Where can I start to solve the problem?

Yes, this is discussed here.

Please see this page to see whether it’s a setup problem or a training problem.

We have not changed the way the auto-quit feature works. You can certainly turn that off if desired. Also, the Log window will show when SpamSieve is quitting and why. What does it say?

Do you have the Dock icon hidden?

Thank you for the quick response. I will go through the settings again and observe how it behaves over the next few days.