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Links not clickable

Hello! When I create a plain text record, and then type a link, it renders as clickable and works as expected.

However, if I later revisit the same note (navigate away and come back), the link is no longer clickable. Any thoughts why this might be?

Using EagleFiler 1.8.13, macOS Catalina 10.15.4.


The plain text format doesn’t have a way to store information about links, and macOS’s automatic link detection is activated by typing but not by loading a block of text (as happens when you navigate away and back), so links are not expected to be clickable in plain text files.

However, you can select the text of a link and choose Open URL from the contextual menu. And, of course, the rich text format supports clickable links. Perhaps in a future version I can make it detect links when loading a plain text file.

OK, I figured it was something like that—makes total sense. I’d be happy to use rich text records instead, but I’m using dark mode for macOS, and it seems like EagleFiler always opens rich text records always as having a white background and black text. Is this configurable?

Thanks for your dedication to this app—it’s great.

EagleFiler always opens RTF files using the colors that are specified in them. However, you can set the text and background colors to white-on-black if you want. (Note that there are separate buttons for setting the background color of a run of text vs. the whole document.) Once you have a file set up the way you want, you can save it as stationery so that new documents can easily be created with those styles. You can also set up a named style for white text to easily apply it.