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MacOS Catalina and MacOS Big Sur: Spamsieve deactivates its apple Mail rules

Whatever I do, this appears
When I activate the rules, Spamsieve deactivates it. :zipper_mouth_face:

SpamSieveā€™s plug-in for Apple Mail is not loaded because it is disabled or Mail is not running. When using macOS 10.14, it is normal for the plug-in to be disabled following a macOS or SpamSieve update. Without the plug-in, SpamSieveā€™s Mail rules cannot function properly and may move good messages to the Spam mailbox without consulting SpamSieve. To prevent this from happening, SpamSieve has deactivated the following Mail rules:

SpamSieve will walk you through the process of adjusting macOSā€™s settings to enable the plug-in. Once this is done and youā€™ve relaunched SpamSieve, it will try to re-activate the Mail rules for you.

You can also re-activate the rules manually (once you see SpamSieveā€™s commands in Mailā€™s Message menu, so you know the plug-in has loaded) by going to the Rules pane of Mailā€™s Preferences window and clicking the Active box next to each rule.

It is correct for SpamSieve to disable the rules if the plug-in is not loaded. Do you see the SpamSieve menu commands in Mailā€™s Message menu? If not, you will need to enable the plug-in.

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