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MJT Application triggered my Intego Virus Barrier for the first time EVER

Hi… I have Intego Virus Barrier on my MacBook Pro running under macOS 10.15.7… I also have SpamSieve that I’ve owned for a lot of years.

Ten minutes ago, when I logged back on to my Mac after being gone for a while, for the first time EVER, I heard a sound I have NEVER heard before… And a couple seconds after the sound, Virus Barrier put up, for the first time I’ve EVER seen, thus the reason the sound caught me off guard, a message stating that a VIRUS was discovered in “MJTApplication” which apparently is way deep inside the Content folder of the SpamSieve app. It asked me what I wanted to do (Trust, Delete, Repair, Quarantine) and I chose the latter for the moment… Then when I launched Apple Mail that also launches SpamSieve, SpamSieve put up a message saying it can’t be opened because of a problem. Check with the developer, etc… I would imagine that message comes from me having Quarantied that Application. Any idea what that is about???

I had SpamSieve and Apple Mail running fine all day as I have for years. Then after an hour away and a reboot, boom… Never heard that sound before… Any idea why I got this Virus Barrier message???


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