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Most recent Update issue

After I updated to the most recent (1.9) version, I was surprised to see my colored labels in the record list had disappeared. After reading the revised manual, I saw that the implementation of these labels has been changed. Now, they are attached to the file field (only) as a small dot - apparently in keeping with Apple convention.

Unfortunately, this did not work for me, since my record list uses the title field, not the file field. So, this results in no visible labels at all.

And, to make matters worse, the label colors which used to highlight the entire row of a record, are now reduced to a tiny dot. Being compliant with Apple does not necessarily mean being better! As someone who is visually impaired, the highlighted rows were easy to see - and the tiny dots are not.

I have changed back to the previous version of EagleFiler which is visually clearer and more suitable for my particular needs.

Is anyone else inconvenienced by this change?

I would like to suggest that in future revisions the label color is added to the title field, and preferably, this color can be applied to the entire row if the user so chooses.

Just my two cents…

I also agree with @Incandescent265 and would love to see the label applied to the entire row.

Thanks for the feedback. The previous method of coloring the whole row doesn’t work on macOS 11, so it had to be removed. I’m investigating ways to bring back the whole-row coloring as an option, and I agree that it would make sense to be able to show the colored dot on the Title field when the File field is hidden.

EagleFiler 1.9.1b1 makes two changes here:

  • If the File column is hidden, it shows the label in the Title column instead.
  • You can click this link to enable the new RecordsListLabelUnderlineStyle esoteric preference, which underlines the text using the label color to make it easier to see.

These enhancements are now available in EagleFiler 1.9.1.

Thank you Michael for making these improvements to the overall visibility and functionality of the labels.

Alan Nagel