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Moving Emails from MailMate to Specific Folders & Mailboxes in EagleFiler

Hi Fellow EagleFiler Users,

I am wondering if some of the more technically savvy of you can help me use EagleFiler more efficiently with MailMate. I moved from Apple Mail which I really liked to MailMate because I could not count on Apple Mail’s Rules to work for sorting my email.

I am looking for an efficient way to move selected emails on a daily or every two day basis. The issue is that I have almost 67 mailboxes or folders that I need to sort my emails into. My wife and I have a small business and receive about 200 emails a day. If other things take my attention away from email I can easily end up with 2,000 to 3,000 emails in my Inbox. So a way to automate this task would be great.

For example, I have a folder named Receipts with 15 mailboxes in it. Some of these are Amazon, Apple, Audible, Software, etc. The business receipts are even more complex. I was thinking that maybe I could tag the emails and then find some way of automatically sending them from MailMate into the appropriate folder in EagleFiler. I was hoping that there are some rules in EagleFiler or MailMate that would work for me as I do not know how to write an Apple script. Is a safe tested script that I could modify for my needs? For example it would essentially say that if an email is tagged and/or in a given folder that MailMate send it to a named folder/mailbox in EagleFiler. Another option I thought of would be if ‘Capture with options’ was modified to work with MailMate with an option to select the folder or mailbox that the selected emails would be sent to. Lastly I do own a license to Keyboard Maestro but did not install it when I did a clean install to my new Mac mini if anyone has used Keyboard Maestro to do something similar to what I want to do.


Just an AppleScript is not enough because MailMate doesn’t support getting the selected messages via script. However, you can write a MailMate bundle that receives the selected messages and uses AppleScript to end them to EagleFiler. This is how the EagleFiler bundle works.

I don’t see in the documentation how to get the folder/mailbox from MailMate. You could try asking the MailMate developer about that.

There is way to get the tags using ##tags. I’m working on enhancing the EagleFiler bundle to use that to import the tags as EagleFiler tags.

MailMate is not currently scriptable enough for Capture with options to work with it.

Thank you
Thank you Michael. Maybe in version 2 MailMate will have the ability to work better with EagleFiler.

Here’s a MailMate bundle that will import the MailMate tags as EagleFiler tags. Please note that (due MailMate limitations) the tags sent to EagleFiler are the IMAP Keywords, not the tag Display Names. You can adjust these in the Tags pane of MailMate’s preferences.

eaglefiler.mmbundle.zip (12.5 KB)