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Outlook messages not moving from InboxSpamSieve

I’m having the same issue–slow insider track updates to Outlook (Microsoft 365 subscription through work ver. 16.41 (20091202), but I’ve never clicked on the “New” Outlook toggle.

New messages have stopped being moved from InboxSpamSieve (started with the slow insider update before this one). SpamSieve still works fine with Apple Mail.

Using OS 10.14.6.

Thanks for any advice or a fix?
I’ve been a forever user of SpamSieve. Thanks for all your work on this app.

I moved this to a new topic because if you’re not using “New” Outlook it’s a different issue.

I’ve not heard of any other problems with Outlook 16.41, and I just tested it on my Mac and it worked.

Could you check that you still have Outlook Filter Mailboxes running?

Thanks for moving my post.

Yes, I do have the Outlook Filter Mailboxes running.

When new messages stopped automatically moving out of InboxSpamSieve with the Outlook update prior to this newest one, I quickly updated Outlook hoping the problem would be fixed, but no.

When I apply “Train as Spam” script to one of the messages stuck in InboxSpamSieve, it gets moved to Junk Email, but when I select a message and apply “Train as Good” the little cog wheel spins but the message stays put.

Please try quitting and relaunching it. You can also open the Console app and search for “Outlook Filter Mailboxes” to see whether it’s reporting any errors.

That’s the expected behavior, but messages in InboxSpamSieve should not be trained because they haven’t been filtered yet.

I quit Outlook Filter Mailboxes and Outlook. I reinstalled the Outlook Scripts from the SpamSieve app, opened Filter Mailboxes and the Outlook and all is now working again! Thank you.